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Ideal Institute For Learning Orthodontics In Pakistan

Learn contemporary Orthodontics from Prof. Irfan Qamruddin

Irfan’s Institute of Clinical Orthodontist (IIOCO) started its magnificent journey in 2015. Since our inception, we have trained over 100 orthodontists from all over Pakistan.

Prof. Irfan Qamruddin teaches with clarity and coherence which makes it easier for a general dentist to understand the content even after a long gap. After passing this course our students are capable enough to diagnose, prevent and correct malpositioned teeth and jaws. Our certification course not only provide academic, practical and clinical teaching. Alongside, We also provide lifelong support to our students.

Why are we ideal institute for learning orthodontics in Pakistan


IIOCO is only institute in Pakistan that provides fellowship from Malaysian Orthodontic Practitioners association.


Our curriculum is delivered through lectures, practicals on typodonts, clinical seminars, tutorials, supervised hands-on patients at outpatient clinics.


IIOCO Specialist Orthodontic &
Dental Practice

We offer all sorts of dental treatment for children and adults at our private practice using sophisticated technology available today.

Certification Course

Our orthodontic course is popular amongst established private practitioners, who wants to incorporate orthodontic services for their patients.




We take pride in working with the latest techniques so you can be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date services available to create your perfect smile. We aim to be the first choice for dentists and patients seeking orthodontic care in the Pakistan.


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Our Team

Dr. Meenaz Karim

Managing Director

Dr. Danial Ashraf

Facilitating Educator