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Training Dental professionals, complete orthodontic system is our passion. We have seen many subpar or incomplete orthodontic cases done by general dental practitioners because of restricted orthodontic knowledge. Prof. Irfan Qamruddin thinks "All dental practitioners can do better and can provide quality orthodontics to their patients" that's why he started his own institute (IIOCO). With the dedication of Prof. Irfan Qamruddin and their team, dentists around the country have an opportunity to gain higher knowledge in the field of Orthodontics. We are best known for,

  • Quality Education
  • Modern Evidenced Based Teaching
  • Lifetime Support
  • International Recognition


  • Treatment planning and sequencing
  • Extractions vs non-extraction
  • Interceptive orthodontic procedures
  • Growth modification and functional appliances
  • Bracket tip/ torque values
  • Stages for orthodontic treatment-level and aligning
  • Mechanics of space closure
  • Anchorage control
  • Class II treatment
  • Class III treatment
  • Finishing and retention


  • Orthodontic records and diagnosis
  • Cephalometry
  • Bracket identification
  • Bracket placement
  • Bonding and banding
  • Indirect bonding
  • Typodont exercises
  • Wire bending
  • Case discussions

Prof. Irfan Qamruddin

Teaching Experience
Clinical Experience


Prof. dr. irfan Qamruddin is first FCPS and PhD in the discipline of orthodontics in Pakistan. His articles has been published in more then 40 journals both locally and internationally. He is an editor of a book published internationally in the field of orthodontics. Currently, he is H.O.D of orthodontics at Jinnah Sind Medical Universirty (JSMU) and a consultant orthodontist at Aga khan secondary hospital and at private clinic named IIOCO Specialist orthodontic and dental practice which is located in Clifton. He has been teaching orthodontics since 18 years.

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