wonders in orthodontics

Orthodontics can do wonders for your smile. Teeth alignment is a unique procedure in which teeth (solid medium) moves in bone (another solid medium) with continuous and controlled forces. These forces are applied with the help of archwires, coil springs, and elastic modules etc, and that causes remodelling of bone.



gummy-smile / long-face

ectopic canine

Flared teeth / incompetent lips

teeth spacing

hypodontia / missing teeth

Extra Teeth / hyperdontia malocclusion

different treatment options

many treatment options are available

Orthodontics is evolving every day and there are many treatment options available. Even for those who do not want traditional braces but want to align their teeth with the help of clear aligners. Clear aligners are removable trays looks like mouth guard or transparent retainers. This works very well to align teeth.

Clear aligners work for all cases.

Consult your before taking decision.

There are other options available as well, if you do not qualify for clear aligners and want your crooked teeth to be aligned without traditional braces. Consult Prof. Irfan Qamruddin at IIOCO Specialist Orthodontic And Dental Practice for further discussion.

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