Announcing crash course

want to learn orthodontics but donot have time

This course is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot attend our 6-months comprehensive course due to distance or time constraints. Many international students and non-Karachiites approached us and showed their interest in learning orthodontics. In order, to facilitate them, we have designed this course.

This orthodontic course was designed for international students who flew all the way from other countries like Afghanistan and Austria to Karachi, Pakistan. It was a comprehensive, hands on course that covered all the important topics theoretically and clinically. our usual courses are of 6 to 8 months duration but this one was completed in just 10 days so that students can go back to their homes soon and enjoy practicing orthodontics.

  • Treatment planning based on soft tissue paradigm
  • case selection because this decision continues to be a argumentative issue in orthodontics
  • Early orthodontic treatment by guiding the eruption of teeth, growth modification
  • Bracket identification
  • Bonding and banding
  • Indirect bonding
  • Bracket tip/torque values
  • Wire sequencincing
  • Mechanics of space closure
  • Anchorage control
  • Wire bending exercise on typodont
  • Class II and Class III orthodontic cases management by growth modificatio
  • Orthodontic Camouflage
  • Pros and cons of different kind of retainers

Topics covered

Diagnosis and Treatment planning
management of Extraction Vs. Non-Extraction cases
Interceptive orthodontic procedures
Bracket identification
Bracket Placement
Stages of orthodontic treatment
wire sequence
wire bending
wire mechanics
growth modification, case discussion
finishing and retention of the case

All the sessions will be conducted by

Prof. Irfan Qamruddin

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The crash course is for those who want to complete their certification in orthodontics in 10 days. We have also started taking registration for the advanced courses and comprehensive courses.

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how does fixed appliance work

This video will give you basic principle on which fixed appliance (braces) work.

First Order Bends (In and Out)

This video will give you the concept of first-order bends which are given in the heavy rectangular wires during finishing stages when standard edgewise brackets were used. It will also tell about the compensation given in contemporary edgewise brackets for those IN and OUT bends.

Second order (Tip) bends

This video will help you to understand the basic concept of second-order bends which were given at the finishing stage when standard edgewise brackets were used. How natural mesio distal angulations were achieved and how these bends were eliminated in a straight wire appliance.

This video is about torque/ third order bends which were given for ideal finishing when standard edgewise brackets were used and how these bends are compensated in contemporary edgewise brackets?